A walk of 8 kms during the afternoon.

A walk of 8 kms during the afternoon. Oupia - Beaufort - Artix

Complete Description

Distance; 8 km.     Time: 2 1/2 hr

Difficulty: easy

From the car park of the Cave Coopérative we will walk through the vines to Beaufort. We will walk through Beaufort, cross the D910, and follow the path on the small hill on the other side. The walk continues along the hill and the back on the D910 to the church and the wisigoth village at Artix.   Return through the vines to Oupia.

14.00 at the Cave Cooperative, Oupia or 13.45 at the Cellier d'Onairac, Olonzac for car sharing

7th November, 2020 14:00   through   16:30
Oupia, 34210